I am a new student at the New Media Institute for the Emerging Media Masters concentration. Fun Fact: I currently work in a research and development lab for beverages!

Project One


When first starting on the creation of Project Milkweed, I decided to draw out on paper an outline of how I wanted the website to look. I noted down the areas where text or images would go, as well as where I should put links to bring the pages all together.

Honestly, I struggled the most with creating the navigation bar. I was not quite able to get the exact image of what I wanted to show up in the coding. However, watching the lecture and going to W3 schools did help me figure out how to correctly set up the navigation bar. I am proud of the hover affect, as it is the one part of the navigation menu that came out perfectly before looking at W3. The other part I struggled with, is getting images on the page. I found out that I had labeled the file incorrectly, which is why the image never fully loaded on my site.

Despite a few struggles and roadblocks during the process, the website has been finished and I hope you enjoy Project Milkweed.

Project Two

Panel One really did not want to be created. I had no trouble with putting in text or even the cards function. Even the navbar didn’t prove to be that difficult. The first issue began with the images, as I could not get any of them to show up. Eventually, I realized dropbox needed to be updated as the code could not connect to the right folders or documents. Of course my internet stopped working at this exact moment, which then made the process ten times longer than it needed to be. Finally, the images began to work and I began working on the css to finally finish up the last of the webpage. Then, I looked at the example on chrome and the changes on my css file were no longer being applied. Then, my preview on the visual code studio also began to break. By this point I am in tears and begging the universe to please just give me a break. I do manage to eventually figure out what went wrong with the css folder. If there is something wrong and panel one looks wonky in anyway, I apologize but I can no longer stand to look at it. Panel Two and Three only had a few minor problems. Panel Two was a little difficult to get all my images in, but everything else went smoothly. Panel Three was another moment of me fighting with css and desperately trying to get the code to do exactly what I wanted. I managed to finish and complete them both by the end. Despite my near nervous breakdown at the hands of panel one, I actually did enjoy customizing the other two panels. I’m pretty happy with how they turned out even. I hope you enjoy!

Exercise 3.

Content Project Three

Commerce Project Three

Honestly, I had a lot of fun learning how to work Wordpress. In comparison to past projects, customizing my website was a lot easier. It did take me awhile to fully understand where everything was located on Wordpress, as well as how widgets work, but I eventually began to understand how to put up products, set up images, and customize posts. I am sure that there is still a lot more for me to learn about Wordpress, so I have more to learn in the future. I also struggled with using additional CSS. It took me awhile to learn how to even edit CSS and how to concert some of my blocks to an html format. There were also a couple issues with the content portion where I couldn’t get specific parts of my text to turn the color I wanted, as well as being able to change the size of the text. Eventually, I managed to figure out some parts of adding CSS, but I still struggle with adding it to Wordpress.