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  • Yarn

    8mm Crochet Yarn

    8mm yarns that come in tan, red, and navy blue. Made from 75% cotton and 25% anti-matter.

  • Amigurumi

    Amigurumi Cactus

    This amigurumi is made from 100% cotton and is soft to the touch. No needles to prick your fingers here!

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    Amigurumi Rabbits

    These rabbits make the perfect soft-cuddly companion. Looking into their eyes, you see a glimpse of warmth.

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    Blue Heart Pillow

    Made from 100% cotton, this pillow makes the perfect new decoration to add to any bedroom or living room!

  • Clothing

    Crochet Gloves

    These are just ordinary gloves made from 75% cotton and 25% polyester. They will make sure to always keep your hands warm!

  • All , Clothing

    Flower Jeans

    Made from denim and cotton, this powerful combination will make you a certified fashionista at your next outing!

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    All , Clothing

    Granny Square Sweater

    Feel both cozy and stylish in this granny square sweater. Made from 100% cotton and will keep you warm throughout the cool months.